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Of incense and blades undeserved.

Dear Bibi, I still miss you... horribly so.

I still practice my forms every morning, one way or the other. It is a little difficult to improve without a master like my Si Fu to instruct me, but I only have to remember that 'perfection is the goal'. This I believe may be the only area where I would strive for it.

I am running low on incense. While the ladies do not seem to like the smell much, none have complained yet. I need to find some more. I can live with scentless skin, but not with insect bites.

The enchantment I felt from first coming here is waning. I need something to further interest me. I need a distraction to do something that does not involve volumes of dress and strange tea. And so while I have my doubts about this... Monsieur Neji, we have a sword to tend to. If you don't do anything, then I most certainly will.
So, what happened this morning at the tower was a little embarassing.  Just a little. 

.......Who am I kidding?

Hyuuga Neji is an insufferable man.  INSUFFERABLE.  Even if he looked positively sinful without his shirt on.  How dare he make me feel so damn guilty?  

Alright.  So perhaps I reacted without thinking, and perhaps I shouldn't have kicked him, or punched him, or accused him of being a pervert .........but it was just natural instinct.  Really.  Si Fu used to stress the importance of pre-emptive strikes. 

BiBi, where are you?  I want a hug. ;_;  Why are there no pandas over here? Why?

On a lighter note, I have decided to resume my morning routines.  Went to get my sanjiegun fixed this afternoon; I just couldn't take the constant inactivity of sitting around having tea with the ladies and being demure and oh, sweet Jade Goddess of Mercy.  That kick today felt so good.  Even if it was unmerited.  

But it was, really.  Because Hyuuga Neji is insufferable. 

Masquerade ball last night.  Dress was much too tight as usual (damn you, corset, damn you!) but oh, the masks.  The masks. Such a fun idea.   Mine was a model of dearest Bibi.  There are no pandas in Paris and I miss him terribly.  ;_;

There was a fight, too, between Hyuuga Neji and the younger Uchiha....Sasuke, I think his name was.  The crowd that surrounded the spectacle prevented me from seeing the actual fighting clearly, though it almost seemed like Neji was using moves based on some form of martial arts.  

Hmph.  As if a Frenchman like him would know anything about martial arts......

I must admit, though, it was quite frightening, the way the two silly boys just suddenly thrashed out at each other.  I haven't been here long but so far Neji has behaved much as one would expect from a very proper young man in his social situation - stoic, ridiculously serious, a dull sod.  And yet, the way he lashed out, the venom in his voice ....I was afraid for the Uchiha for a moment.  Since he started the fight, this could be very damaging to his reputation.

Alright, alright, I'll admit it.  I was afraid because he has a rather sexy appealing face.  It would be a shame to marr it.  I'm too shallow, oh woe is me.


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