An Eastern Princess

the very secret diary of Tenten

Princess Tenten
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One of China's crown princesses, she has been sent to France for reasons not entirely known. Princess Tenten is young, vivacious, and pretty, somewhat struggling with her role as a princess and her identity as a person. She is proud of her culture and country, but at the same time does not live up to the archetype of a princess. She is friendly and adventurous, but tends to go in denial in some situations. She has a love for weaponry, and has fair skill with the use of many (Eastern) types. She is interested in martial arts as well. She misses a variety of things from home, but most of all her panda bear Bibi.

Character journal of Princess Tenten from the rp eloquentsociety, currently maintained by sireensilver. Character model [now] Zhang Ziyi (pretty lady in icons).

(Previously maintained by miss_wildcatt.)